Donation – Information, Types, Process

Charities to donate to in 2022

A Donation is a gift for needy people. It may have many types like money, arms, services, and organs. We should show humanity by donating something to needy people.

There are many charities to donate money and needy things to the helpless or needy.

It is a quality of man to donate. Lots of people don’t have knowledge about donating. So here I am going to provide you with the information.

Many people want to donate and they have the honor to donate money, blood, and other things.

What is charity?

This is the organization that collects money from people. With that money, the organization helps the needy. Some people want to help the needy but they don’t have money so they give gifts as a donation.

Types of Charity

There are many types of Charities. We collect some data across the web that is given below.

  1. Charitable trust – Charitable Trust typically provides funding and support to the needy. It is a category of nonprofit organization.
  2. Philanthropy – charity is a response to help the needy people but Philanthropy is long-term and more supportive of giving.
  3. American Red Cross – American Red Cross provides relief to people in disasters and helps to prevent, prepare, and respond to emergencies.
  4. Private foundations – some people are very emotional and kind-hearted to the handicapped and want to help helpless people but they don’t have enough money so they started their own private foundations.
  5. It has a huge number of charities that cannot be covered.

History of blood donation

We know that the blood bank is one of the donation Charities to donate blood. It started many years ago. These days many people help to donate blood to needy people. You are reading this article at NewsxBuddy.

The world’s first blood bank is in Russia in 1932. There was Dr. Andre Bagdarsov named Russian doctor who find a way to store donated blood for 20 days in a bottle.

In 1936, the world’s first transfusion service was established by Spanish doctor Fredric Duran-Jorda.
It was held in Barcelona in August 1936, when the Spanish civil war had just begun.

Now it’s time to set up a blood bank in USA and UK. Both set up their first blood bank.

In 1939, A blood donation Bank was set up across Britain during World War 2.

Nowadays 6500 blood donors are needed in a single day.

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Process of Blood Donation

The time of donation process from your arrival till you go takes about an hour. The donation takes about 8-10 minutes on average.

There are a few steps for Blood Donation


They’ll sign you in and check basic eligibility. They’ll check your ID such as your Driving license. You should read some information about what are the lows of blood donation. They will ask you for giving them your complete address where you can receive your mail 7-8 weeks from the donation.

Health History

They will ask you some questions about your health and will ask you about your traveling history. You should tell him all your health issues if you have one. They will check your temperature, hemoglobin, pulse, and blood pressure.

Your donation

If you are donating blood, they will clean a part of your arm and insert a new sterile needle. It feels like someone has to pinch you. A whole blood donation takes time about 9-10 minutes.

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After the donation, you have to take some snacks and drink something. You will take some rest after leaving, and continue your daily routine. After that, you can enjoy the feeling. You can inspire your friends by showing your good work

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An Inspiring Story of Donation

A young mother’s story –

Ashleigh-Anne Hughes and her family were very kind-hearted. They always help the needy. Some years ago they were praying for a family, but the family had never met before.

When she was at the age of 30, she was on a waiting list for a liver transplant. They are hoping for a donor who could change her life after months of waiting.

She was writing a simple gratitude letter on every anniversary of her transplant and mailed it to Tennessee Donor Services, for mailed it to her donor’s family.

Although she had not received any response from the donor’s family yet she continues to pray and write and try to promote the importance of donation.

“I am only here because someone else isn’t.” Said Hughes. Every day when she saw her scar. She will never forget that she was only there because of the gift of donation.

She will never forget about it even if she will become a wife, become a mother, and will become a grandmother. Hughes will never forget what she got as a gift.

The problem of organ rejection

Hughes was perfectly healthy in her initial days. She was living in Charleston, S.C. She could not stay there after finishing college. Hughes began to develop many symptoms in her body such as stomach pain, abnormal weight loss, and other issues.

She went for a check-up and found that she had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It damaged her immune system and kept attacking it. In 2006, her gallbladder was removed, but it was not stopped and kept attacking her body.

In 2010, she realized that she needs a liver transplant. So by the terms and conditions, she applied for a liver transplant form and waited for a donor who could help her.

She was listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing transplant list. She failed to get a liver transplant two times, but she had not any option. So she had to keep waiting.

You are reading this article at NewsxBuddy.

Hughes received her new liver at Vanderbilt University. It was the day she had to retrieve her liver. It was Tuesday. The transplant surgery was successful. She traveled to her family to surprise them. But her body was not responding very well. She had to go for a check-up every month. After some time she will be fine.

Now she has know the value of a donor. She used to inspire others to be organ donors. Somebody that she doesn’t know and never meet him. She is here because of a decision. It is the power of a decision. So always take decisions kind-hearted.

“Be an Organ Donor to save a life.”

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