A Short History Of Thanksgiving [5 Eye-Opening Facts]

A Short history of Thanksgiving has a huge demand. Thanksgiving is a national holiday. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States, Grenada, Liberia, Canada, and Saint Lucia. It started as giving thanks.  So we are providing a short history of Thanksgiving.

History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving began as the celebration of the harvest and another blessing that happened in the past year. The meal of Thanksgiving is turkey, potatoes, bread stuffing, pumpkin, and cranberries.

The New England settlers celebrated Thanksgiving day every year as the day of prayer. They celebrate the festival to thank God for blessings such as the Army’s triumph and the end of environmental problems.

Thanksgiving day was not an official holiday in the past. It became an official holiday after Northerners overwhelmed the national government.

In October 1863, during the Civil War, Lincoln announced a national day of Thanksgiving. It was celebrated on Thursday, November 26.

In 1942, Roosevelt announced that the festival was celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

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As the country became more downtown and people started to stay away from one another. Thanksgiving day became a chance to meet friends and family.

Celebrating Thanksgiving by providing food to poor

Many people used to celebrate the festival by serving food to the poor and helpless people. Most communities and charities also do the same. We must celebrate Thanksgiving day like this.

Some facts about the festival (Thanksgiving day)

Here are the facts about the festival. You must have known. Let’s see the facts.

  • In 1621, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated over a three-day crop festival. It contains 85 Wampanoag Indians, and 45 pilgrims and lasts three days.
  • Historians also said that only five women were present on the first Thanksgiving.
  • Turkey was not on the menu the first time. People served Goose, duck, Venison, And some other dishes.
  • Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the festival a holiday on October 3, 1863. A woman convinced Lincoln to proclaim Thanksgiving as a holiday. The woman wrote a nursery rhythm “Mary Had A Little Lamb”.
  • There is a rumor about Harry Truman that he is the first U.S. president to pardon a turkey. But this is not entirely true. He was the first U.S. president who acquired a ceremonial turkey. The National Turkey Federation sent a turkey to him. He had turkey for dinner.
  • In 1989, H.W. Bush, the president, standardized the turkey pardoning tradition.
  • Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Louisiana are the four towns named ‘turkey’.
  • 4,400 calories consumed on Thanksgiving day.
  • On Thanksgiving in 1920, the first NFL games were played.
  • In November and December, the questions highly searched on the internet such as cooking.

Turkey Burgers for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving on a bun is such a great idea. So I am going to provide a recipe. Let’s start.

Use cranberry sauce and stuffing mix to turn the turkey into a delicious meal. Add some sweet potato fries with Chipotle ketchup or other ketchup.

Ingredients in the recipe

1/4 cup butter, 1 onion, finely chopped celery, 3 pounds ground turkey breast, 2 eggs, 1 package chicken flavored dry bread stuffing mix, cranberry sauce,15 hamburger buns, split and whipped cream cheese.

Turkey burger recipe step by step


Preheat a gas stove to medium heat and add some oil to the frying pan.


Heat the butter in a frying pan over medium and suitable heat. Cook and stir the onion and celery until the color of the onion has changed. You can wait 5 minutes.


Took the cooked onion and celery into a bowl with the turkey, and stuffing mix, and mixed the eggs properly. Make the mixture into 15 patties.


Put the mixture between the buns and add some ketchup. Have a delicious burger with some fried sweet potatoes.

What is the difference between Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day

We all know about these popular days. Some people who don’t celebrate these festivals don’t know the difference. So here we are going to clarify the difference between Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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About Christmas Day

Christmas day is also a holiday like Thanksgiving. It is celebrated on 25th December. The birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of God, is celebrated on 25th December. We celebrate Christmas as his birthday.  

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular festivals. On Christmas, we make a Christmas tree with lights and stars. The stars show the hope of humanity. The light of Christmas fills the happiness in our life.

On Christmas, God sends a Santa that fills happiness in children by giving them some special gifts. Santa Claus comes from the sky in his vehicle run by some dears. 

We use to write our wishes on a notepad and put them in socks. Santa Claus comes and sees the source hanging in the window. He read it so he could complete the wish. Santa left some gifts for the child and completed his wish.

Santa Claus wears red and white color clothes. He also wears a cap. The sound of Christmas makes the environment good.

There is a poem about Santa Claus that helps people to impress Him. He loves the sound. Children also love him too much.

About Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day is a time for giving thanks to the year and people. Christmas is a day of giving gifts and love. It is celebrated on different days in every country. But Christmas is celebrated on a fixed date because it is a birthday.

Most government offices and schools are on holiday on the day of the celebration. Thanksgiving day is one of the busiest days for a traveler. People have four days of weekend holiday for the celebration. They join their family and celebrate Thanksgiving.

In some cities and towns, they used to perform a parade during the day. Thanksgiving Day is also the opening of Christmas. People started shopping for Christmas. 

This time is full of fun and celebration. People are very happy and enjoy their life these days of celebration here and there. A Short history of thanksgiving and Christmas is totally different.

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