Preparation Schedule for Board Exams

The preparation schedule for board exams is very important for a student, but they don’t have the right guidance. Students don’t get high marks in exams because of this. Many students search for preparation schedules for board exams and daily routines. 

If you are searching for a preparation schedule for board exams and daily routine, this article can help you a lot. In this article, we are going to provide you with the best way to prepare for exams. 

We researched the best preparation schedule for board exams and studied the interviews of toppers. After a lot of research and meetings with toppers, we found the best way and daily routines.

So let’s get started…..

Best way to prepare for exams in 2022

There are a lot of ways to score high in exams. We should consistently revise our syllabus and complete our homework daily. Maximum attendance in class is very important. Many online platforms help you a lot in your studies. These are the essential things and prepare schedules for board exams.

We all know very well that everyone wants to score high in exams. They work hard and study a lot, but still don’t get good grades. So we should make some daily routines and follow them consistently.

The daily routine of a student

Every student has a different daily routine. Some of them are used to waking up late and sleeping late at night. These are not good habits for a student. Students must have good habits that will move them to success.

A successful person reads books, wakes up early in the morning, and always obeys their parents. Yoga is a nice way to stay calm and healthy. Everyone should do yoga in the morning.

Some good habits and bad habits of a student

Students aren’t taking good steps because they waste their time scrolling on Instagram. They forgot their goal because they enjoy making reels and using social media. The student should have to use them in the right way.

They don’t know what is good or bad for them. They see a person smoking on reels and think it is a trend so they do the same. People should not smoke, especially students because they are the future of our nation.

So let’s see the good and bad habits.

Good habits of a student

  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Reading books
  • Try to do something different and learn from your mistakes
  • Go to school daily
  • Obey your parents and teachers
  • Master a skill that you love
  • Revise your work
  • Never tell a lie
  • Other good habits……

These are some habits but it is not enough. Many good habits make you a good student and also a gentleman.

Bad habits of a student

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol and beer
  • Always come late to the class
  • Never respect their teacher and parents
  • Always bunk their classes and lectures
  • Never respect girls and madam teachers
  • Other bad habits…..

Never follow these bad habits. If you follow them, you will never succeed.

How to cover all exam topics in the last month?

You have to check the previous exam paper and try to prepare for it. Point out the headings that are important to the exam. Learn all the important topics which were told by the teacher. 

Choose the topics that are tough for you to prepare. When you cover it in the beginning, it will give you confidence. It will motivate you and other topics you can easily cover. 

Firstly, you have to cover all the topics day by day. Students should prepare their topics daily so that they cannot face such problems. 

Why are we studying and what is the motto of education?

Every child in the family goes to school and gives exams every year. He studies daily but doesn’t know his life’s aim. He doesn’t know why he is studying and how it can help in life. We all know on social media some questions are frequently asked such as what is the use of alpha, beta and Yama in our life.

Why are they doing this? They don’t know the right way to use them. In school, teachers used to murmur the syllabus. By patterning, students don’t get the right knowledge. They will learn but forget all the topics soon.

The motto of education is to be aware of students. Education also increases their skills, point of view and many more things. We should study for ourselves, not for others and not under any pressure. 

These days, students study under pressure. They run after good marks while they should learn for themselves and study for knowledge. Every student must have a vision of their plan for success. Keeping in mind they should consistently study and work hard. 

The right way to teach students effectively

Teachers should have to teach students patiently. Some teachers teach very fast and end topics quickly. This is not the right way to teach. They should have to understand what the students want. Students are very shy about asking their doubts. So teachers should have to ask them frequently whether they understood or not.

Not only theoretical but also practical topics should be taught. For checking their Intelligence quotient, teachers can put some tests before them. Quizzing and games also help them to boost their mind. So it should be done. 

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The daily routine and schedule of a topper

It is a story of a topper who is consistently working hard. He used to say “Consistency is the way to success.” He is a middle-class boy and his father is a milkman and has an elder brother and three sisters. 

One of his sisters has cancer and she died. He was in class 7th when it happened. He is too shy to talk to strangers.

These are the basic information about him now let’s see his struggle.

How many marks did he score?

He is a district topper in class 10th and scored 92.66% in the board exam of 10th. Due to the pandemic, intermediate students were promoted so he didn’t get the marks that he deserved.

His daily routine and some tips 

He used to wake up early in the morning and read his notebook daily. He goes to school and tuition daily. His teacher who teaches him math helped him. His daily routine list is given below.

  • Wake up early in the morning and read books
  • Never bunk any class
  • His attendance at the college is 100%
  • Went for tuition ( Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English)
  • He came out at 5 am by cycle and picked up his friend.
  • Both went for chemistry tuition
  • After chemistry tuition, he went to school
  • After school, he went for maths and physics tuition
  • Then move to his home and drop off his friend
  • After reaching his house, he completed his homework
  • Take some rest
  • After having dinner he used to study at night
  • And next day he did the same

This is his daily routine. He used to study for approximately 12 hours and his hard work pays off. He became the district topper.

Some tips for learning hard questions

He used to learn hard questions by singing them. It converts into a rhythm and makes it easy to learn for him. You can also try the same. If you write the answer, again and again, it will be learned.


These are the preparation schedule for board exams and daily routine and some related information. It is all about hard work and consistency, So give your 100% to your study.

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