Windows 11 Most Powerful Apps [free & paid]

Windows 11’s most powerful app is very useful to navigate Windows 11. Windows 11 was released on October 5, 2021. It is a major release of the Windows NT operating system. Bill Gates stated that no new Windows would be released after Windows 10, but after some time, Windows 11 was released, which includes many new features.

In this article, we are going to look at those new features and the most powerful app of it. If we have information about the most powerful app in it, then we can use it well. That’s why we will see about the most powerful app. Let’s see.

Microsoft PowerToys

Microsoft PowerToys is the most powerful app available on Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store. This app has a lot of features that will help you save time when browsing through windows. It is available on the Microsoft Store and is free.

Microsoft PowerToys features

  • Always On Top: Always On Top is an easy and quick way to pin a window on your laptop. Shortcut Key- Win+ctr+T
  • Awake: Awake is a way to keep your laptop awake.
  • Color Picker: Color Picker is a quick and easy tool to pick a color on a screen. Shortcut Key- Win+shift+C
  • FancyZones: Create a windows layout for multitasking. Shortcut Key- Win+Shift+’
  • File Explorer add-ons: It allows you to handle your file explorer custom preview.
  • Image Resizer: By using this tool, you can resize your image just by clicking the right button.
  • Keyboard Manager: You can configure your keyboard settings by remapping keys and shortcuts.
  • Mouse utilities: You can find your cursor just by using its shortcut. Shortcut Key- left ctr
  • PowerRename: By using this extension, You can rename in bulk.
  • Power Toys Run: You can search for everything using this extension. Shortcut Key- Alt+Space
  • Quick Accent: This extension allows you to use accented characters.
  • Screen Ruler: You can measure your screen or a particular place on the screen. Shortcut Key- Win+Shift+M 
  • Shortcut Guide: It shows help for windows shortcuts overlay window. Shortcut Key- Win+shift+/
  • Text Extractor: This extension as works as Black Box. it extracts text from any image or everything. Shortcut Key- Win+Shift+T
  • Video Conference Mute: This is a quick and easy way to mute your microphone and webcam.

Online video downloader windows 11

We always watch high-quality videos, listen to songs, and watch movies on internet platforms such as youtube. Everyone wants to download their favorite videos but they don’t know the online video downloader app on windows 11. So there is some online video downloader given below.

List of Online video downloaders windows 11

  • 4K Video Downloader
  • ByClick Downloader
  • Viddly
  • YTD Video Downloader
  • Airy

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a youtube video download platform. It can save the entire youtube channel. This app gives you the power to save video albums and music from youtube videos in mp3. High-quality videos such as 4k, 2k, HD, and 1080p type videos can easily download and save in your gallery.

ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader is an alternative to 4K Video Downloader. This app also helps to download a video in your internal storage. It can convert your video into mp3 that helps you to listen to your favorite songs in the music player. When you are watching any video on your browser, this app recommends you download the video in just one click.


Viddly is also a video downloader app that allows you to download any kind of video from your browser or YouTube. It helps you convert your videos into mp3 and mp4. Viddly has a separate search section that helps you search for a video directly on Viddly which saves your time. The search feature of this app is what everyone loves the most.

YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is a video download platform that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Bing, and other websites. It can download videos for Android and iPhone users. Its interface is pretty cool and easy to navigate.


Airy is available for both Windows and Mac users. Its premium quality and looks will surprise you. This app is easy to navigate and has a simple user interface. It allows users to download any kind of video over the internet. Everyone can download videos by just pasting the video link into it. allows you to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by using the video’s link. This app is available online and also as an extension that helps you download any video in high and low quality. It is used the most on the web.

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Skullcandy app download windows 11

The Skullcandy app is available for Android users, but there is a way to run and download the Skullcandy app on Windows 11. Follow these steps for the Skullcandy app download on Windows 11.

First, you have to download an Android emulator that allows you to run any application in Windows. There are a lot of Android emulators, but we are going to download Skullcandy through BlueStacks. This is a powerful app for Windows 11.

Download the latest version of BlueStacks and run it as administrator. The BlueStacks will be opened and then open the play store. Now you can download any app that is available on the play store and also run the apps on windows 11.

After downloading the BlueStacks open the play store and then search for Skullcandy. Download the Skullcandy and install it. After installing you can run the Skullcandy on windows 11 through BlueStacks.

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Adobe photoshop 2021 free download for windows 11

Abode has created a place in the creative field. Everyone is using Adobe software, such as Premiere Pro, Adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, and others.

The major problem with using the software of adobe is that it is paid and everyone cannot afford it. So people are searching for abode photoshop free download for windows 11. They download a cracked version of adobe photoshop that is not safe.

If you really want to use adobe photoshop, buy the paid version. We do not recommend you download a crack or mod version of it because the crack and mod versions can read and steal your sensitive data. So always pay attention to them.

We don’t recommend you download any paid version for free because it is not safe. Always use official sites to download any software or any stuff you want to download.

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